Your Logo is Failing You If It Does Not Do This

Your Logo is Failing You If It Does Not Do This

Your Logo is Failing You If It Does Not Do This

A lot of people think that getting a corporate logo is just another task list item.

Every single day, most business people have a to-do list. These are the things that they’re supposed to do for that day. They know that they are going to be pushing their business forward and serving their business’ best interest if they go through this list and knock off as many items in this list as possible.

Sounds good so far, right? Well, here’s the thing. If you put “Get a logo” on your task list and you order from a place like Fiverr, don’t be surprised if your business is not helped. In fact, don’t be all that shocked if your business is actually harmed by your decision.

How come? Well, your logo cannot do branding. It can reflect branding, it can reflect that identity that you have built so far for your business, but it cannot create that identity for you.

You have to do it. Nobody else will do it for you. You have to step up. And unfortunately, a lot of people think that they just need to get a graphical logo and call it a day.

Maybe they would reverse engineer a competitor. Maybe they would get inspired by a renowned international logo. Whatever the case may be, they think that as long as the logo looks good and is distinctive enough, that’s all they need.

This is a serious problem because your logo is failing you when you start thinking along those lines. Why? You have to promote your logo. You have to fine tune it. And most importantly, you have to deeply integrate it with the kind of values you want people to automatically think about when they interact with your business.

If people engage with your business at some level or another, you want them to have some sort of association regarding a series of values.

For example, I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s burgers. I know for a fact that there are tons of other local, small-time, mom and pop, one-man band burger shops out there that just blow McDonald’s out of the water.

Whether we’re talking about taste, texture, presentation, freshness, you name it. Most of these places just completely obliterate McDonald’s. It’s not even close. But why do people go to McDonald’s all day, every day? Why do people feel that they can’t help but eat there?

Well, it’s very simple. When you go to McDonald’s and you see the golden arches, you gain a sense of assurance that the quality you will get, as far as the food and the service are concerned, will be consistent.

In other words, if you go to Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan, Manila, Philippines, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, California, Rome, Italy, Berlin, Germany, London, England, or Washington DC and all points in between, if you find yourself in a restaurant with the golden arches, the food is going to have the same texture, the same flavor, and the people greeting you, regardless of language differences and cultural variations, will have the same attitude.

In other words, the value you’re looking for is reliability. You’re looking for a place you can trust to not let you down.

Now, here’s the thing. The quality is not that high, but at least it’s not that high consistently.

Let’s say, you’re going to rate McDonald’s burgers from 0 to 10, if your rating for McDonald’s is 3, it does give you quite a bit of peace of mind to know that that 3 will be preserved whether you’re eating at Tokyo, Rome, London, or San Francisco. Do you see how this works?

Your logo has to project the value that you want people to associate with the quality of your business. Otherwise, your logo is failing you.

If it’s pretty or it looks good, it’s worthless. Because if that’s all it brings to the table, then it’s not serving you. It has to connect or associate with certain values that will get people to come back again and again and again.

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