I've got some good news and some bad news. This website needs your help.It really does

Now, for the good news. We don’t need financial help. While you’re more than welcome to PayPal us some money if you’re feeling especially generous today, we are more interested in your time.

Corporate Logos Details

  • Clicking The Site

    In particular, if you've been clicking around this website and you've been going from one resource to the next, chances are, you might click on a link that doesn't exactly get you to where you want to go.

  • If You Get 404

    For example, if you click on a link and the page that you get is a ``404`` or ``Page cannot be found`` error page, something is obviously wrong. Do let us know. There's a form below, type in the URL that you clicked, and tell us what happened.

  • Making Sure

    The bigger challenge is when you click on a link and you go to a page that seems legit, but when you actually read the materials, it says nothing about the kind of information you are looking for. This is a bad result. This is a bad link.


    Unfortunately, you can't tell just by looking at the page. When you look at the page, there's content on the page. When you look at the layout of the page, it looks just like any other web page on the site that you're on.


Frequentyl Ask Questions

How this page are

Unfortunately, you can’t tell just by looking at the page. When you look at the page, there’s content on the page. When you look at the layout of the page, it looks just like any other web page on the site that you’re on.

How to get attention

We need you to pay attention to the details and give us the URL of links that take you to places or give you information that you’re not looking for. Do you see how this works?

We Need Your Help

We need that kind of help because this website is really the product of one person. I put this together from all my notes as a professional corporate logo practitioner.

Why We Are Corporatelogo

That’s the title I give myself. I’m not a corporate logo designer. Why? Anybody could be a designer. You just fire up Photoshop, and you are an instant designer

How we make Business Deals

Now, this doesn’t meant that the corporate logos you produced would actually generate business or make the business that bought the logo look good or professional. In fact, if your skill levels are very low, there is a good chance that you might make your buyer’s company look very bad indeed.

How we Produced

Instead, I call myself a corporate logo practitioner because there are many different elements to corporate logos. The most obvious is the way it looks.

But it goes way beyond that. You also have to pay attention to the values that this logo calls up. You also have to pay attention to how you’re going to market this logo and how it fits the other existing corporate graphics in your particular industry.


That’s why I’m a practitioner. I look at the big picture. I don’t just focus on opening Photoshop, loading some templates, cranking out a few logos, and calling it a day. Learn from my notes.

I also would like you to share your thoughts, comments, feedbacks and suggestions regarding resources we should put in this website.


If you have been reading a lot of this stuff and you find a lot of it objectionable, or incomplete, or somehow inadequate, speak up. I can take criticisms. Because as long as it’s constructive criticism where you actually bring a solution to the table, we’d love to have your feedback.


This website is a work of love. It is a labor of passion. And it won’t work if the community, and that is you in particular, would not participate. So help me whip this website into shape. It’s really all about community involvement and coordination. We can do it.

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