Tips on prevention of hair loss from motorcyle helmets

It is not without any reason that some people remain their disapproval of wearing motorcycle helmets on the road. The headgear can make your head sweaty and easily disfigure your beloved hair style as well as spoil its bounce in seconds. Bacteria of all sort derived from sweat beads, dirt particles, food bits, etc. in your headwear’s padding can greatly affect scalp health and even hair growth. In this way, wearing helmets is responsible for hair fall both in men and women. How can riders solve this problem, especially when you have to ride daily basis and hair loss seems inevitable? Below here are some sharing tips on how you can prevent hair loss from wearing a motorcycle helmet:

Hair Loss Due To Motorcycle Helmet


  1. Purchase a quality, right-sized helmet that will remain stable. Even when you move it hard or shake your head, such a helmet will help your scalp stay intact.
  2. Put your helmet on properly, lift it up slightly, then put it back down gently and lift it up slightly again to make sure your hair will not be pulled hard.
  3. To absorb sweat beads, use a headscarf or replaceable helmet pad. These pieces of cloth will keep your head’s moisture away from accumulating in the pores, weakening hair roots and leading to hair fall.
  4. On removing your protective headgear, take it slow for the hair not to get caught under its chin strap or around the edges. If you have to ride for hours, you should get some stopovers to free your hair from your helmet’s strain and heat, and give it some fresh air. After the long ride, well treat your hair by washing it with some natural conditioner.
  5. It is recommended that your hair be clean and moisturized before wearing the motorcycle helmet. Then it will minimize risks of wetting and growing bacteria inside the headwear; moreover, a moisturized hair can protect your hair from dryness while you go out for a ride.

If, unfortunately, you are losing your hair due to motorcycle helmets now, there are some treatment suggestions for you. Scalp message is such an easy-to-do method to release your muscles from pressure, better your blood flow, and then enhance your scalp skin’s elasticity. Essential supplement of nutrients and vitamins from food should also be considered.

If you contract to Traction Alopecia – a condition in which long-term usage of helmets causes hair roots to move closer to the scalp surface and stop growing, you should be attentive to scalp blood circulation improvement. Better blood circulation will augment hair follicle strength and prevent hair fall.

One more choice is Alternation Method, in which you apply hair growth tonic to heal the damages to your hair scalp, to boost blood flow to the scalp and to protect it as well. This method also boost nutrient supply to hair.

Proper care for your hair will get you better sense of comfort while having a motorcycle helmet onto your head. And this will boost your coolness on the road, making the helmet no longer a burden to your experience.

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