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How Important is a Logo for Small Business?

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Logos for Small Businesses? Come on, you have got to be kidding me! Why such a topic? I mean, you can’t be serious… As a matter of fact, I am considering speaking for it because most of us take these topics for granted and ends up making mistakes. Why?

Make Correct Use of Colors in Corporate Logos!

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In the previous days, the function of corporate logos was to express products or services functional benefits to the customers. But in these times of branding, you need to connect emotionally with your customers in order to make an impact. Hence, you need to insert a bit of emotions

5 Marketing Tips to promote your Business this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is round the corner. Although it is just a holiday, but if you think like an astute businessman, it is also an ideal time to promote your business. Like every other auspicious occasion, thanksgiving also brings a host of opportunities for small businesses to capitalize on.Holidays seasons like

Knowing all about Corporate Blogging – A comprehension!!

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Its human nature to always ask for more ‘n’ more and this notion keeps us on our toes. Similarly, big corporations keep looking for new means of advertising so they don’t miss any chance of winning potential clients. Therefore, many big names of corporate world have jumped onto the

Corporate Blogging is the new way to success – 7 blogging tips which really works!!

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     We all know that blogging is no more a fun idea; it’s a full time job for many people while others are promoting their business through this underestimated platform. Corporate blogging is the new trend to achieve success and undoubtedly many entrepreneurs are earning real benefits of it.However, if