Corporate Blogging is the new way to success – 7 blogging tips which really works!!

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Corporate Blogging

     We all know that blogging is no more a fun idea; it’s a full time job for many people while others are promoting their business through this underestimated platform. Corporate blogging is the new trend to achieve success and undoubtedly many entrepreneurs are earning real benefits of it.However, if you know the right strategy of corporate blogging, you can win the world. Before you begin with your corporate blog, you should know the exact reasons you’d want to blog. There are many but I list few of them. Now you find which says your story:
  1. Some people blog want to save the ideas piled up in their minds and want to keep them as a record.
  2. Some people are eager to know other people’s opinion over their creative ideas.
  3. Most part of the bloggers aim to capture potential clients through their blogs.
  4. Corporate companies create blogs to directly deliver their image and enhance their communication with target audiences.
  5. Entrepreneurs use it as a communication tool to build brand awareness as corporate blogs can prove to be a powerful resource. 
These are the main reasons to motivate for corporate blogging therefore I list below 6 main tips to achieve a successful corporate identity with a blog.

  • A relevant but non promotional topic: If you have a website offering corporate logo designs, create its blog with some interesting topics. You just don’t need to keep on writing about your product; instead you can compile some famous corporate logos or talk about significance of corporate logos.
  • Don’t overly promote your product: Try avoiding the common mentality…. as it is your blog so it should only speak about your products. It is important that you refer to other guys of your industry. If we keep on rambling about our stuff or our tools, then the readers will get bored.
  • Be a one- stop of reliable resources: Being in the corporate world you would be coming across new happenings and events taking place in the industry. Post latest news related to your field on the blog, so people keep coming in for the update.
  • Build blogosphere networking: Being in any market you can’t move without social networking. You need to network effectively with people in same industry. Build one to one relations with other bloggers, so they link your blog, making it noticeable in the blogosphere.
  • Interlinking and Cross Branding: People can only find you if you are linked by some big names of the same market. This is the great opportunity to gain a regular reader of your blog which might convert into a potential customer later. Use your side bar to link famous and informative posts by other bloggers.
  • Keyword Cannibalizing: You need to be very careful at this aspect. People are using their site keywords exactly at their blog and linking back to the site page. Use the other keywords on your blog which are non-commercial and research oriented but provide the right information about your main keyword and then you can link it back to your site. Same keywords linking from blog to the main site becomes your blog’s reason of failure. It can get you into trouble by losing your regular readers or maybe the potential clients. Many people simply ditch some blogs as they are into aggressive interlinking of their sites.
Corporate Blogging
Corporate Blogging
  • Try making news: Don’t just write the same things which bunch of other people have already published. Try to think out of the box. Be the source of providing new information and facts by expressing your honest views about the market. This will provide your readers a platform to share their fears and views.