Make Correct Use of Colors in Corporate Logos!

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In the previous days, the function of corporate logos was to express products or services functional benefits to the customers. But in these times of branding, you need to connect emotionally with your customers in order to make an impact. Hence, you need to insert a bit of emotions within your corporate logos to make a statement with your clientele.But when you reach the point of color selection in logo design, you are confused. You don’t really know what feelings are to be evoked that will instantly connect with the customers. You are lost for colors that will stimulate the relevant feelings for your company. So here are some guidelines that will summar0ize the psychology of colors in corporate logos. Make sure you choose your color according to the pertinent emotions.
Below are the 7 most common colors and their emotional functions when used in logo designing:

1. White:

Universally known for a sign of peace, the white color represents minimalism, transparency, peace, and radiance.

2. Blue:

Blue is an authoritarian and secure color. It is often used in companies that need to exhibit, and Fortune 500 companies to represent a sense of success, confidence and serenity.

3. Green:

Green color signifies rejuvenation and environment. The properties of green include evoking calm, environment and life. This is an ideal color to show your concern towards the environment.

4. Yellow:

The color yellow has dual purposes. On one side they exhibit prudence and fear and on the other side it represents happiness and joy. McDonalds uses yellow to evoke hunger in customers.

5. Red:

With relevance to corporate logos, red is the most powerful and intense color of all. Its main purpose is to catch the eyes of the customers. Moreover, its properties include inducing hunger, heart beat and passion.

6. Black:

Black is generally known as the absence of color. It is yet another influential and dominant color in the palette. Some o the emotions associated with black are elegance, belief and minimalism.

7. Pink:

Known to many as “The ladies Color”, pink exhibits all elements of feminine touch. Emotional attribute connected to this color are innocence, playfulness and fragility.