Knowing all about Corporate Blogging – A comprehension!!

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Its human nature to always ask for more ‘n’ more and this notion keeps us on our toes. Similarly, big corporations keep looking for new means of advertising so they don’t miss any chance of winning potential clients. Therefore, many big names of corporate world have jumped onto the bandwagon of corporate blogging, to gain more exposure.Although, blogging has become prominent part of marketing strategies nowadays but at the same time several corporate companies are unaware of its myths and facts. Today, this post of mine will surely help you know all about corporate blogs…let’s get started.
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1) Advantages of Corporate Blogging:

Firstly, let’s analyze how corporate blogging can help a company reach its organizational goals. So, here are the reasons for which corporate blogging has become a success tip:

  • It helps a company have a strong bond with its customers
  • A company can communicate with its own employees
  • Blogging can be used as a promotional tool to reach new target markets
  • Blog is a platform to have open dialogue between executives, staff, and customers
  • Blogs builds a strong company image by branding your product in the market
  • It helps a customer know more about company’s products and services.
  • It helps you to have an update of your competitors proceedings
  • Being a direct communication channel, blogs helps you improve your customer service on global basis.
  • Allows the company employees to display their expertise on a particular topic.
  • You stay updated about the worldwide conferences/meetings related to your industry.
  • Lastly, as compare to other communication strategies, blogging is relatively much cheaper.

2) Disadvantages of Corporate Blogging:

Although I don’t think blogging can harm any company in any way but still it is important that we see consider negative and positive aspect of every topic. However, my list of disadvantages is really short, if you have any to add, please do add.

  • Your competitors can easily exploit any aspect of your company, which can lead to bad publicity.
  • Many workers have been fired by their bosses for putting such content on the blog which took the company in negative direction.
  • Many companies have invested big money in customizing their blogs but unfortunately they did not receive expected results.
  • Blogs revealing multiple tones and opinions of a company can also leave a confusing image of the organization.
  • A badly worded blog or factually incorrect blogs can spell disaster for the company. 
Coporate blog

3) Facts about Corporate Blogging:

Undoubtedly, blogs are considered to be traffic magnets and a powerful communication tool but it does not mean that it works for everyone. Yes my friends, surveys have proved that many corporate blogs have failed and only few succeeded. There are few facts you should know be aware of Corporate Blogging:

  • Many companies overly rate the blogs and expect tons of traffic driving in overnight.
  • It can take you months to build in long-term and authentic readership.
  • Blogging is not only about talking about yourself and your organization. Give enough space to your readers and customers to share their views.
  • When writing a blog post always try to come up with useful content and detailed facts for the readers otherwise you won’t be able to win trustworthy visitors.
  • Blogs allow users and your competitors to publicly criticize you on your own blog. Be patient and cleverly respond to the negative comments of your readers.
  • People do not always want to know about your organization and its goals. They will enjoy if you introduce them to the team members of the venture.
According to latest researches/polls 55% of corporations are blogging but I would say that don’t follow this trend only because they are fast, cheap and easy to use. I would suggest, just don’t jump for the blog world as everyone is doing it. Study your target audience, niche market and company goals, irrespective of your company size. The longer you take to recognize its importance, the longer you delay your success.