How Important is a Logo for Small Business?

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Logos for Small Businesses? Come on, you have got to be kidding me! Why such a topic? I mean, you can’t be serious…
As a matter of fact, I am considering speaking for it because most of us take these topics for granted and ends up making mistakes. Why? Because we sometimes not have the slightest idea about the significance of things related to it. I suppose that in the initial phase, importance of logo is necessary but since I have written articles on topics like these, talking about logos for small businesses is necessary.

So the first question is which businesses specifically should be called small?

Ones producing less or having a limited number of people working, or perhaps the competitive advantage those companies have in markets? Small businesses are in fact those who have fewer employees and produce a limited number of goods. Moreover, their market share is less compared to others. They could have existed for many years or could have opened up recently but their growth is one significant tool to identify where the business stands.

Logos for Small businesses? Why?

A small business regardless of its limited productivity and fewer employees need an identity. It needs a market to operate, to compete with others and sell goods. A small business has to have strong marketing tactics and strategies to stay afloat and at the same time beat its competitors. A small business needs to stay profitable all year round.
This is all possible if this business has an identity just like others. This is possible if this business has a brand name and people recognize it properly.

What a logo does, really?

Businesses where strong focus is not given to make a good and professional logo, chances of regular profits are less. So why are logos important for small businesses?

What is the importance?

The first reason is as simple as a piece of cake. The needs of bigger businesses and smaller business are the same. They could be comparatively less but exists. A big business has to market its products through advertisements. So is the case with smaller businesses. If they won’t market their products, how will people know what the company is producing? Thus, a logo is a necessity while marketing.
The second reason for having logos for smaller businesses is because they convey the message. What difference colors and graphics bring to an advertisement design cannot be ignored. Products are produced by both big and small companies. If there are logos placed on goods of bigger companies, then why not on the smaller ones? The text, color and patterns of logo are all essential elements to attract people. Moreover, colors finally make up businesses corporate identity, whether big or small.
Imagine a house without a roof. It’s incomplete, right? Similarly, logos complete your business and its marketing. They give a feeling of professionalism. Now you would agree because this professionalism is important for small company’s survival. Furthermore, they add up to customers’ trust in your business.
Logos are necessary for smaller businesses because they create brand recognition. Customers link you with your products and this is only possible if you business has a good memorable logo. They would be able to distinct your company with others. These others could be people producing different products or same like you. What if you do not have one? How will they differentiate your products? Though the recognition comes after many years in the business but it is an essential thing to obtain to attain success!

Corporate Blogging is the new way to success – 7 blogging tips which really works!!

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Corporate Blogging

     We all know that blogging is no more a fun idea; it’s a full time job for many people while others are promoting their business through this underestimated platform. Corporate blogging is the new trend to achieve success and undoubtedly many entrepreneurs are earning real benefits of it.However, if you know the right strategy of corporate blogging, you can win the world. Before you begin with your corporate blog, you should know the exact reasons you’d want to blog. There are many but I list few of them. Now you find which says your story:
  1. Some people blog want to save the ideas piled up in their minds and want to keep them as a record.
  2. Some people are eager to know other people’s opinion over their creative ideas.
  3. Most part of the bloggers aim to capture potential clients through their blogs.
  4. Corporate companies create blogs to directly deliver their image and enhance their communication with target audiences.
  5. Entrepreneurs use it as a communication tool to build brand awareness as corporate blogs can prove to be a powerful resource. 
These are the main reasons to motivate for corporate blogging therefore I list below 6 main tips to achieve a successful corporate identity with a blog.

  • A relevant but non promotional topic: If you have a website offering corporate logo designs, create its blog with some interesting topics. You just don’t need to keep on writing about your product; instead you can compile some famous corporate logos or talk about significance of corporate logos.
  • Don’t overly promote your product: Try avoiding the common mentality…. as it is your blog so it should only speak about your products. It is important that you refer to other guys of your industry. If we keep on rambling about our stuff or our tools, then the readers will get bored.
  • Be a one- stop of reliable resources: Being in the corporate world you would be coming across new happenings and events taking place in the industry. Post latest news related to your field on the blog, so people keep coming in for the update.
  • Build blogosphere networking: Being in any market you can’t move without social networking. You need to network effectively with people in same industry. Build one to one relations with other bloggers, so they link your blog, making it noticeable in the blogosphere.
  • Interlinking and Cross Branding: People can only find you if you are linked by some big names of the same market. This is the great opportunity to gain a regular reader of your blog which might convert into a potential customer later. Use your side bar to link famous and informative posts by other bloggers.
  • Keyword Cannibalizing: You need to be very careful at this aspect. People are using their site keywords exactly at their blog and linking back to the site page. Use the other keywords on your blog which are non-commercial and research oriented but provide the right information about your main keyword and then you can link it back to your site. Same keywords linking from blog to the main site becomes your blog’s reason of failure. It can get you into trouble by losing your regular readers or maybe the potential clients. Many people simply ditch some blogs as they are into aggressive interlinking of their sites.
Corporate Blogging
Corporate Blogging
  • Try making news: Don’t just write the same things which bunch of other people have already published. Try to think out of the box. Be the source of providing new information and facts by expressing your honest views about the market. This will provide your readers a platform to share their fears and views.

Anti-aging tips for 30s’ ladies: how workout best helps you

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When you turn 30s, you may have no idea what’s going on with your face. Your cheeks drop a little and some minor wrinkles land at your face. Several researches show that an active lifestyle will be of more use in wiping away crow’s feet or facial creases. Those studies discovered that men and women at 30s and 40s that exercised more often have younger and taut skin. Workouts help you stay young and tones, yet what if you are unable to spend 2 – 3 consecutive hours working hard in the gym? Those pressed for time then will surely love these exercises, since each just costs you 07 minutes per day with Fat Diminisher System Review


+ Jumping Jacks: Place your hands down on the ground, in front of your feet. Then jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head. Back to the standing position.

+ Wall Sit: Easy! Pretend you are sitting on an invisible chair, but your back leans against the wall. Keep the same position as long as possible, at least in 7 minutes.

+ Basic Push-up: Face down on the floor, lift up the whole body using your arms. Then slowly raise down your trunk to the ground till the elbows form a 90 degree angle.

+ Abdominal Crunch: Lie back on the floor, bend your knees. Tight your hands behind your neck and life your shoulder up close to the knees. Then go back to the lying position at start and repeat the crunch.

+ Squat: Stand erect with your feet wide a little and your toes should be pointed slightly outward. Place your hands on the hips, look straight ahead and slowly lower your hips as if you’re sitting on an invisible chair. Lift your hips up and forward to the starting position.

Besides, you can apply other forms, such as: cycling, running or a short walk in the nearby park is great. All you need is around 30 – 35 minutes a day. Not so much, is it? For more advice, order “Old School New Body” today to learn more how to handle anti-aging, keep your trunk toned and skin shined within 45 minutes a day. You can read Real Old School New Body Review 

Tips on prevention of hair loss from motorcyle helmets

It is not without any reason that some people remain their disapproval of wearing motorcycle helmets on the road. The headgear can make your head sweaty and easily disfigure your beloved hair style as well as spoil its bounce in seconds. Bacteria of all sort derived from sweat beads, dirt particles, food bits, etc. in your headwear’s padding can greatly affect scalp health and even hair growth. In this way, wearing helmets is responsible for hair fall both in men and women. How can riders solve this problem, especially when you have to ride daily basis and hair loss seems inevitable? Below here are some sharing tips on how you can prevent hair loss from wearing a motorcycle helmet:

Hair Loss Due To Motorcycle Helmet


  1. Purchase a quality, right-sized helmet that will remain stable. Even when you move it hard or shake your head, such a helmet will help your scalp stay intact.
  2. Put your helmet on properly, lift it up slightly, then put it back down gently and lift it up slightly again to make sure your hair will not be pulled hard.
  3. To absorb sweat beads, use a headscarf or replaceable helmet pad. These pieces of cloth will keep your head’s moisture away from accumulating in the pores, weakening hair roots and leading to hair fall.
  4. On removing your protective headgear, take it slow for the hair not to get caught under its chin strap or around the edges. If you have to ride for hours, you should get some stopovers to free your hair from your helmet’s strain and heat, and give it some fresh air. After the long ride, well treat your hair by washing it with some natural conditioner.
  5. It is recommended that your hair be clean and moisturized before wearing the motorcycle helmet. Then it will minimize risks of wetting and growing bacteria inside the headwear; moreover, a moisturized hair can protect your hair from dryness while you go out for a ride.

If, unfortunately, you are losing your hair due to motorcycle helmets now, there are some treatment suggestions for you. Scalp message is such an easy-to-do method to release your muscles from pressure, better your blood flow, and then enhance your scalp skin’s elasticity. Essential supplement of nutrients and vitamins from food should also be considered.

If you contract to Traction Alopecia – a condition in which long-term usage of helmets causes hair roots to move closer to the scalp surface and stop growing, you should be attentive to scalp blood circulation improvement. Better blood circulation will augment hair follicle strength and prevent hair fall.

One more choice is Alternation Method, in which you apply hair growth tonic to heal the damages to your hair scalp, to boost blood flow to the scalp and to protect it as well. This method also boost nutrient supply to hair.

Proper care for your hair will get you better sense of comfort while having a motorcycle helmet onto your head. And this will boost your coolness on the road, making the helmet no longer a burden to your experience.

You can looking for the best motorcycle helmet from here: http://motorcycleroom.com/best-motorcycle-helmet/

Sleep Better 2-Inch Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Fall is coming to a close, and nothing but winter stuff should be taken seriously in your to-buy list now. One of them is mattress, but I am sure we all have at least one already in our nest, so why not a topper to extend our bed’s life? With a 5-year warranty that protects the mattress and cover against manufacturer’s defects, the deal is simply duper-super beneficial and secures that it can work well at least 4 – 5 years. Then you can enjoy elegant and supportive feel deep down falling into your mattress at just $150 on sale.

Sleep Better Topper

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Sleep Better 2-Inch Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This memory foam topper is made of top quality, hypo-allergenic material; that’s why it takes no more than 20s to return its original shape after being laid on. This feature ensures the mattress topper’s longevity and enhances your evening relief as well as luxury at a very affordable price. The innovative, hypo-allergenic material takes its cues from the body’s shape–adjusting and contouring to any form.

Backaches, hip pains, toss-and-turns are no longer worrisome to your night dreams, since your body joints can escape from pressure, which lets you awake in the following day full of energy. Moreover, it boosts up your blood circulation so the body makes fewer adjustments in search of a more comfortable position. This measures 58 by 77 by 2 inches, 2-1/2 pounds per cubic foot density, which can cover the entire surface of a queen mattress. Thus, it gets easy to move in and especially suitable for back and front sleepers.

It is temperature-smart and the open-cell foam always breathes freely, so your body will be always kept cool. Thanks to its therapeutic features, it benefits the bed-confined and is frequently used in hospitals. It is also great for pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone who needs a good night rest. Last but not least, it is not a heat trap and opposed to dust mites, bacteria, and so on. (more…)

Make Correct Use of Colors in Corporate Logos!

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In the previous days, the function of corporate logos was to express products or services functional benefits to the customers. But in these times of branding, you need to connect emotionally with your customers in order to make an impact. Hence, you need to insert a bit of emotions within your corporate logos to make a statement with your clientele.But when you reach the point of color selection in logo design, you are confused. You don’t really know what feelings are to be evoked that will instantly connect with the customers. You are lost for colors that will stimulate the relevant feelings for your company. So here are some guidelines that will summar0ize the psychology of colors in corporate logos. Make sure you choose your color according to the pertinent emotions.
Below are the 7 most common colors and their emotional functions when used in logo designing:

1. White:

Universally known for a sign of peace, the white color represents minimalism, transparency, peace, and radiance.

2. Blue:

Blue is an authoritarian and secure color. It is often used in companies that need to exhibit, and Fortune 500 companies to represent a sense of success, confidence and serenity.

3. Green:

Green color signifies rejuvenation and environment. The properties of green include evoking calm, environment and life. This is an ideal color to show your concern towards the environment.

4. Yellow:

The color yellow has dual purposes. On one side they exhibit prudence and fear and on the other side it represents happiness and joy. McDonalds uses yellow to evoke hunger in customers.

5. Red:

With relevance to corporate logos, red is the most powerful and intense color of all. Its main purpose is to catch the eyes of the customers. Moreover, its properties include inducing hunger, heart beat and passion.

6. Black:

Black is generally known as the absence of color. It is yet another influential and dominant color in the palette. Some o the emotions associated with black are elegance, belief and minimalism.

7. Pink:

Known to many as “The ladies Color”, pink exhibits all elements of feminine touch. Emotional attribute connected to this color are innocence, playfulness and fragility.

5 Marketing Tips to promote your Business this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is round the corner. Although it is just a holiday, but if you think like an astute businessman, it is also an ideal time to promote your business. Like every other auspicious occasion, thanksgiving also brings a host of opportunities for small businesses to capitalize on.Holidays seasons like thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are the prime time when customers are emotionally sensitive and responsive to any activity related to the occasion. Thus, there is a great prospect for small business owners to utilize this vastly untapped opportunity of marketing their products and services.

Marketing Techniques to use on thanksgiving:

Following tips will help small business owners understand how they can successfully promote their business this thanksgiving:

1. Synchronize your Corporate Logo:

One of the latest and catchy marketing gimmicks that companies use nowadays is they spice up their corporate logos in line with the upcoming occasions. The best example is Google, which changes its logo on every important occasion in order to blend with the customer’s feelings. This technique is especially useful for restaurants and fast-food chains.


2. Send Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards have been one of the most common techniques of business promotion. By sending greeting cards to your present and potential customers, you remind them that you care about them and value their sentiments. This in turn, generates trust and integrity of your business. Remember to print your corporate logo on it as well.

3. Deliver Thanksgiving Gifts:

Thanksgiving is all about “Giving” right? So it’s high time to give your customers something in order to create goodwill. You cannot imagine what it means for customers if you send them complimentary gifts. For example you can purchase turkey basters, which are inexpensive, tie a ribbon to it and attach your business card and deliver.


4. Give Thanksgiving recipes:

Use your corporate brochure to connect with your customers on this thanksgiving. What is the best part about Thanksgiving? Food! You can attach some yummy thanksgiving recipes to your brochures. This way, the customers will feel obliged to your services.


5. Spice up your corporate website:

Online marketing and social media is growing incessantly, and small businesses must take advantage of this marketing mode. Using your corporate website, you can make a huge impact on your customers by aligning your website with the thanksgiving occasion. You can wish your customers through your webpage and add interesting facts related to thanksgiving.


Knowing all about Corporate Blogging – A comprehension!!

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Its human nature to always ask for more ‘n’ more and this notion keeps us on our toes. Similarly, big corporations keep looking for new means of advertising so they don’t miss any chance of winning potential clients. Therefore, many big names of corporate world have jumped onto the bandwagon of corporate blogging, to gain more exposure.Although, blogging has become prominent part of marketing strategies nowadays but at the same time several corporate companies are unaware of its myths and facts. Today, this post of mine will surely help you know all about corporate blogs…let’s get started.
Coporate blog

1) Advantages of Corporate Blogging:

Firstly, let’s analyze how corporate blogging can help a company reach its organizational goals. So, here are the reasons for which corporate blogging has become a success tip:

  • It helps a company have a strong bond with its customers
  • A company can communicate with its own employees
  • Blogging can be used as a promotional tool to reach new target markets
  • Blog is a platform to have open dialogue between executives, staff, and customers
  • Blogs builds a strong company image by branding your product in the market
  • It helps a customer know more about company’s products and services.
  • It helps you to have an update of your competitors proceedings
  • Being a direct communication channel, blogs helps you improve your customer service on global basis.
  • Allows the company employees to display their expertise on a particular topic.
  • You stay updated about the worldwide conferences/meetings related to your industry.
  • Lastly, as compare to other communication strategies, blogging is relatively much cheaper.

2) Disadvantages of Corporate Blogging:

Although I don’t think blogging can harm any company in any way but still it is important that we see consider negative and positive aspect of every topic. However, my list of disadvantages is really short, if you have any to add, please do add.

  • Your competitors can easily exploit any aspect of your company, which can lead to bad publicity.
  • Many workers have been fired by their bosses for putting such content on the blog which took the company in negative direction.
  • Many companies have invested big money in customizing their blogs but unfortunately they did not receive expected results.
  • Blogs revealing multiple tones and opinions of a company can also leave a confusing image of the organization.
  • A badly worded blog or factually incorrect blogs can spell disaster for the company. 
Coporate blog

3) Facts about Corporate Blogging:

Undoubtedly, blogs are considered to be traffic magnets and a powerful communication tool but it does not mean that it works for everyone. Yes my friends, surveys have proved that many corporate blogs have failed and only few succeeded. There are few facts you should know be aware of Corporate Blogging:

  • Many companies overly rate the blogs and expect tons of traffic driving in overnight.
  • It can take you months to build in long-term and authentic readership.
  • Blogging is not only about talking about yourself and your organization. Give enough space to your readers and customers to share their views.
  • When writing a blog post always try to come up with useful content and detailed facts for the readers otherwise you won’t be able to win trustworthy visitors.
  • Blogs allow users and your competitors to publicly criticize you on your own blog. Be patient and cleverly respond to the negative comments of your readers.
  • People do not always want to know about your organization and its goals. They will enjoy if you introduce them to the team members of the venture.
According to latest researches/polls 55% of corporations are blogging but I would say that don’t follow this trend only because they are fast, cheap and easy to use. I would suggest, just don’t jump for the blog world as everyone is doing it. Study your target audience, niche market and company goals, irrespective of your company size. The longer you take to recognize its importance, the longer you delay your success.